MyQuiz Master (More than 1000 questions!)


Editor : Ahead Solutions

Creation : August 13, 2011

Last update : August 21, 2011

Main features

All MyQuiz in English in one single app for a low price on your Windows Phone ! MyQuiz Master currently includes more than 100 questions. - Includes 2 Quiz apps in one app : Cinema Quiz & Landmarks Quiz - Get a Free Trial, so play once for Free ! - One Player mode and Two player mode will give you more fun with friends and family members. - Buy the App now, and get all new upcoming Quiz for Free in the future and next updates. - Also get the possibility to have records for each Quiz! So play and beat your scores now! Here is a short list of included Quiz apps : - Sports - Wars - Songs - Singers - Cinema - Literature - Inventions - TV Shows - Landmarks - Canada - France