Alcohol Tester (Alcoolotest)


Editor : Ahead Solutions

Creation : August 14, 2011

Last update : August 23, 2011

Main features

Alcohol Tester is your best friend. Keep it with you all the time! This simple, practical, cool, and pretty useful application will help you estimate your blood alcohol content anytime. Download and try this app for FREE and tell your friends about it. Alcohol Tester provides you with the following features: - a choice among more than 25 different drinks along with quantities - blood alcohol content estimation with 5 different scenarios and result specific pictures - You may enter your weight in either pounds or kg, for the usa, drinks quantities are expressed in fl oz, cl elsewhere. - in-app alcohol rate sharing feature by SMS or email. You drunk too much? Do you need help or want to tell someone to come over? Just use the sharing feature! - a user friendly app interface, designed and unique, fully optimized for Windows Phone users - memorize your favorite drinks so you don't have to add them again next time - memorize your personal required data : weight and sex so you don't have to care about it once entered and your done! Please note alcohol rates are only estimations. They have no legal value. You are fully reponsible for interpreting the application data. We always advice to do real tests if you want a real alcohol rate.