MyThings Pro


Editor : Ahead Solutions

Creation : December 1, 2011

Last update : December 5, 2011

Main features

MyThings Pro makes MyThings even better with great Windows Phone Mango features including: - Meeting automatically imported from Windows Phone calendars - Pin individual task to Windows Phone home screen. And guess what? Those individual task live tiles are all dynamic and will show you if a meeting or task deadline is coming up soon. - Add reminders / task - Add repeating tasks so you don't have to enter them everyday and much more! - Manage tasks by project - Localize your tasks so you can do them instantly using the integrated map - Share your tasks by email, SMS and add phone numbers so you can make direct calls from MyThings We don't tell you more, just try it. FOR FREE and up to 5 tasks. What are you waiting for to get one of the best Windows Phone app?