About us

Ahread Solutions has been founded in December 2010 by Sebastien Bottalico, Graduated in Computer Engineering from IIT (Chicago, USA) and ENSEA (France) with more than 8 years experience in the software and mobile industry in both France and the USA.

The company's goal is to imagine and create new products that will match mobile users and market needs. We create and develop mobile games, useful mobile apps and work on long term projects implying R&D and advanced skills in order to build up innovative products that will help mobile users in their everyday life.

We also work with partners or for external customers to help them build up new services and create brand new products that people will enjoy using everyday.


About us


Sebastien Bottalico, CEO & Founder

It all started in 1988 when he got its first computer and started developing programs at 8 years old. Fond of new technologies and innovation, Sebastien Bottalico created, as a personal project, one of the first video games community web site in 2000, which reached almost 100 000 members in less than 18 months. He also worked on one of the first audio/video mobile apps on PDAs. Graduated from ENSEA (French engineering school based in Paris), and from IIT (Illinois Institute of Technoligies, IL, Chicago, USA) with a Master of Science in Computer Engineering in 2004, he then joined Motorola as a Software Engineer in 2004 (Shaumburg, IL, USA), then joined Clicmobile (Paris, France) in 2005 as a Project Manager. At the time that was an innovative startup company of 4 people working on mobile software, community services & platforms and applications. He left Clicmobile, that reached almost 20 employees, after 5 years experience in Project, Product and Account management, including Software architecture & mobile application design (Mostly iPhone & iPad applications) in order to found Ahead Solutions, a company dedicated to new product developments and innovative services.


Ludovic Richiero, CFO & Associate

Ludovic joined the company in August as associate and financial directeur. Also in charge of marketing, some business development and communication.